Friday, 29 June 2012

Paddle mount go pro weekend of waves in Australia

A rainy cold day this week carving cut back 8,0 starboard 
well its good to be home and getting out there in the waves .There has been plenty of them all week and the weekend is also looking great .Grabbed the go pro and got out there to capture some shots .I used the paddle to mount the camera to see what i could capture.........
After all the rain this week on the east coast it was a little fresh in the water so there was no hesitation
to grab my new quiksilver cypher steamer 3mm by 2mm ...with its taped seams i was as warm as toast.
With my recent board change to the starboard team there boards are set up to use FCS control systems ,
this has now given my the chance to try the range of starboard and FCS range in all my boards ,the starboards fin box set ups have 5 boxes giving the rider a excellent chance to try heaps of different combos on there boards ....i really love the feeling of changing fins from 2 plus one to a quad and seeing and feeling the difference....its awesome ......i have been riding the 7,7 zane schweitzer pro model and really liking it in anything from 1 foot to around 5-6 feet any conditions rainy, windy or clean its a cracker of a little board coming in at 98 litres volume.....check them out at
About to glide into a fun one .....
well any way back to the waves and some new angles with the go pro ...enjoy your weekend where ever you are and remember keeping frothing .......cheers justin
wipe out winter sessions Australia frothily fresh water

Reo down coffs harbour  way 7,7 pro surf model starboard

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tahiti 2012 sapinus pro

Hi guys well another year in tahiti and we were all stoked again with the waves and tahitian peoples kindness .I traveled to tahiti early for a photo shoot with my new board sponsor starboard which was great
fun little insider
fun testing the new equipment for 2013 .I was looking forward to jumping on a starboard for the first time  which happened to be the  4 days before the event. The surf was not as big as last year but still very challenging to say the least thing about tahiti is knowing the break and knowing that if you fall you will pay the price ...going up on the reef .So once we were at the event site i pretty much surfed my brains out at the break and trained on my new 8,0 starboard till i felt comfortable with where i was at . Tahiti is very laid back and everyone is kind and giving but when the contest starts its game on . The internet over there is not so good so its very hard with live feeds unless you have a big budget so the contest guys were doing there best to relay to the world what was happening .
I really wanted to make a point of winning my heats and not just get through so i was stoked to win every heat to the final ...but came up short in 3rd ....i was really stoked and had a great week in tahiti , big congrats to everyone and especially sean poynter for the win . Id like to thank my family and partner shelly for her support at home , and without her i would not be able to do this also quicksilver for there
support and confidence in me , starboard sup for there great boards and equipment and Kona red for there

Beautiful tahiti
sean poynter ,me and zane starboard team
support they have a great product and we can not wait to get it out to people in Australia .Im looking forward to the next world tour event I'm currently in 8th and looking for a good result in the USA in the coming months .....thanks again for all your support .....cheers justin