Monday, 21 November 2011

Ocean Addicts bop race

Ocean Addicts event sunshine coast 20-11-2011Paul Jackson and me after the race .
The big screen was great to watch the race 
Well , decided to give the sunshine coast race a go on the weekend , jamie mitchell and myself packed the car and headed off up the road , for a day of racing and talking . Jamie was guest commentator and also gave the boys up at coolum a hand with the coarse set . The event was really well organised and a great day was had by all ,conditions were tricky with 2-3 foot sets rolling in with a15-knot north east wind and low tide , the coarse was a M shape coarse with about a 250 m run , 5 laps. Pain...........but it was all good fun, well done to the organisers ,sponsors , and crew who turned up ,i finished with a 5th in the open mens race , so i was happy with that ,i was more happy that i did nt fall off once in the entire race , which i got to say , the hobie 12, 6 elite race  board handled really well , very stable and surf s really well . Anyway off to merimbula this week for the event down there , should be good fun ,let you all know how it is in the next post. 
Here is a photo of the winner ,Kelly Margets , man hes quick , better start training to keep on his wash .Big thanks to mark my caddie for the day .....always had my board there waiting....
till next time ............never take the first set ..........cheers justin

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Check the Vid

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Check out the progress the new hobie by hurley clothing range is making with things getting closer to release

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Passion,desire,committment....go grab it ....its free. 

I thought it fitting that i write about how i feel about achieving things we all want to do and how we can get to them when it all seems a long way off and out of focus.This came about after 2 things happened recently .No 1 i was talking to a mate about big wave surfing and board design in particular and the 2nd was kelly slaters history breaking win .I was commenting to my freind that this new board looked pretty good and what he thought my chances were of successfully riding this board in large surf was , i was expecting him to tell me what type ,size,fin set up i would need and answers i could buy,but the thing he said was 'mate what will ultimately throw you over the edge of a big wave is not how good this board is or whether it worked or didnt work for someone else, it  is the desire or a big heart , ' i was surprized but knew instantly what he meant because when you want something enough you will make it happen.Surfing some big days in Hawaii some years back was a dream come true but only now i really understand the hows and whys i did these things clearly. I started to think about my life and others in which we all need to enpower this spark within all of us. For me of late i have discovered alot about myself from  stand up paddle boarding ,what ive done or acheived in this life so far has come from pure enjoyment and from that passion that flows deep to do it, its followed by the desire to do something ,then you need to committ to it all .And thats when No2 comes in how kelly slater uses these just tools  to be successful in his  life at his choosen thing is amazing ,to say the least ,and the levels that he goes to with his passion ,desire,committment. But this is all out there for everyone and its free .Whether its 11 world surfing titles or playing the fiddle well  after learning it all year ,we all need the passion ,desire ,committment  to keep  us interested and modervated .My mate jamie mitchell is another man that must have these great tools at work inside his brain to achieve 10 wins in a row at the  molokai channel crossing race.This is another example of passion ,desire ,committment on a high level.
We all have it in us ,and how we use it can define who we become, but whether it be your name in lights on broadway or being able to be stoked with running 5 kms in a good time, the same applys to all of us. And like all of us to we need to  have resolve and direction with what ever we are doing, we need to have passion,desire and committment within our lives to achieve what we want to do .I set myself small goals that ultimately i hope they leed to the main goal,but do i think about the actually goal? Always but just in the distance of being passionate about it, and knowing that i really want to do it[desire]and finally saying 'right im going to committ to this and having a plan to back my committment,ive found it works but external factors are also at play,but its there in motion.On my small scale steps...And guess what . 
Its free, its in all of us ,you just need to have a bit of a look, but i didnt say its easy, as in all things great.But what ive found is i really need to feel  like ive earnt it, to feel real success.Hope you can take something postitive out of this .....till next time....more frothing....see you in the water.

In this photo frank ,and Greg and me at Hobie usa headquarters 2 guys that are passionate about sup.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sorry last bit was cut off........ 

that middle shot was in an american mag,pretty funny hey ,flying in the barrel , mate jamie got the cover of the mag shown below at the bottom.
Anyway hope your all getting some waves.

keep smiling 

Featured rider in the sup world mag
Hey guys was stoked to do an interview for sup world magizine in australia recently ,profiles me and theres a few surf shots of me in action , its out now ..........Also the shot below showed up in an american
mag called SUP magizine ,pretty funny shot which was taken in australia , i actually had broken ribs at the time , my mate jamie mitchell got the cover with a great barrel check it that out too.Hope your all getting waves somewhere ,cheers keep smiling justin  

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

This is my newest short board that i grabbed while in California on a recent trip i was lucky enough to have a few to pick from but i choose the 5,8 19 3/4 by 2 7/16 rounded square tail [dumpster diver] Hobie shapers Gary Larson and Mark Johnson are both passionate about there craft and are creating some great shapes and designs ,i rode this whilest in california a few times and it was a fun board ,i will grab a few shots in australia when i can and get them up on the blog ,when i first seen this board i was like wow that looks fun, i stand around 5,9 70kgs so i thought maybe a 5,10 in this design ,but Gary insisted that the 5,8 would work , and well it did, always listen to your shaper....anyway its a fun little board ,The Hobie way is to be out on the water having fun and this is another example of that.
check them out @ for more shapes,longboards ,sups,retro,fishes,twinnys theres something there for everyone.Or  if your looking for  the range of sups and other watercraft avaliable .....Big thanks to Jeff and Hobie Alter who helped this little board find its way into my board bag and back to Australia as only the bosses can do ,,,now we just need some waves...... Cheers justin