Tuesday, 1 November 2011

This is my newest short board that i grabbed while in California on a recent trip i was lucky enough to have a few to pick from but i choose the 5,8 19 3/4 by 2 7/16 rounded square tail [dumpster diver] Hobie shapers Gary Larson and Mark Johnson are both passionate about there craft and are creating some great shapes and designs ,i rode this whilest in california a few times and it was a fun board ,i will grab a few shots in australia when i can and get them up on the blog ,when i first seen this board i was like wow that looks fun, i stand around 5,9 70kgs so i thought maybe a 5,10 in this design ,but Gary insisted that the 5,8 would work , and well it did, always listen to your shaper....anyway its a fun little board ,The Hobie way is to be out on the water having fun and this is another example of that.
check them out @   www.hobie.com for more shapes,longboards ,sups,retro,fishes,twinnys theres something there for everyone.Or www.hobiecat.com.au  if your looking for  the range of sups and other watercraft avaliable .....Big thanks to Jeff and Hobie Alter who helped this little board find its way into my board bag and back to Australia as only the bosses can do ,,,now we just need some waves...... Cheers justin 

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