Sunday, 30 October 2011

Things i come across..............
I was given this drink mix whilest overseas earlier this year and i was  given the chance to  test out its performance after some long paddles ,surfing contests all day or just being active as alot of us are , and see whether i thought it helped. Doing long period workouts such as a 15-20km downwinder or paddle on a sup can really take alot out of you and when you push your body to extremes you need to put back salts,acids,proteins and minerals quickly that your body loses . This drink  aids in a quick recovery of that . So up until till i came across this i was using another type bran that i wasn't 100% happy with after the molokai channel race this year . So what i liked about this mix, is what it doesnt have ,in which alot of  other
drinks do, such as over sugared and caffeinated.HDX is Gluten free, diabetic freindly.Ive started using HDX after long surfs,paddles or even a hard day at work and have felt pretty good after ,so does it aid recovery, well it has been for me and my type of active lifestyle being in and out of the water,and always in the sun . Its  flavour is grape/berry i found the taste good and easy to take ,its made in the usa .And if your looking for a drink to speed up your recovery after some hard work in or out of the ocean check it out .
Check out there web site at
Things i come across...........take it or leave it.......
Add to 16oz or 500ml of H2O

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Kai Lenny interview tahiti 2011

Check out this short interview i did with the now 2x world stand up champion
Kai Lenny earlier this year .The guy has it all, and at such a young age , a real gentleman,i
enjoyed surfing with  him many times on this recent trip to tahiti in may this year.
Congrats mate for the big win last week in Brazil at the stand up world tour.Check out more
interviews with some of the up and comers in the sport through out the year .

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Race [ molokai to oahu  2011

After arriving in hawaii meeting my good mates ,i actually went surfing a bit just to relax, my 16.5 foot board had arrived all good ,i had meet with my boat escort guys and things were sweet,i was ready.You know ,if you have never been to hawaii you really should put it on your list to get to, as a grommet i dreamt of surfing there on the north shore and the palm trees hawaiian foke and the aloha, and i have now a few seasons in december when the big waves roll in ,but every time i go it just gets better and better there is something there for everyone and the history is so interesting, i have alot of freinds,good freinds that share the aloha spirit,having been to most of the island chain ,molokai is one that i had not.Lush and barren the beauty was a contrast,but when you look back to oahu you soon think wow if i make this ill be stoked,it makes jamie mitchells 10 titles in a row that much more amazing!!!!!!!
This year mates steve and mike were great they looked after me so well,like family,i had the honour of being in hawaii as freinds mike and steph welcomed little taj into the world,the day before the race taj was born.Once on molokai myself and mate nick checked into the resort accomodation right at the start line .The saturday before the race on sunday, was a relaxing day one of a few nerves as well.I had all my drinks,gels,bars and water ready early my board was sweet and paddle still was in one piece.
The event had a breifing and dinner that night that was epic and then it was lights out,well i watched a bit of pay tv.
wow woke up at 5.00am and started to eat a fair breakfast making sure it all goes down well before the 8.00am start.After tring to spot your escort boat that you have only seen once is not that easy as there is alot of boats and they all look the same ,i did find it finally ,ok well all there was to do was start the race ,bang!!!!!!!were off .
The pace was pretty quick for 20 mintues then we all kinda got into a rhythem .the conditions were good tide was going out for a few hours then it would push us home and the wind was behind us as well,some of the runs were great my board was going great,i felt really good i was aware of not going to hard as my ribs were  still sore and i did want to finish the race at least.In training i would drink about 2.5 litres of water over 30 to 40kms so it was a real surprise to only drink 1.5 litres over the 32 miles.
I was surfing the runs right all the way till midway , then i started to look for the right markers on the island of oahu.
By the back half i was too far north and had to make a 90degree turn to surf my way back on course ,i reckon i lost 30-40 mintues
heading too far north but thats life and it a different story when your out there.By the last 1 mile i was in great sprirts and was stoked to see the line .What a great race all kinds of people,everyone smiles,and all encourage you as they go by .

I was really stoked to see jamie take the win in a record time and amazed at young Connor baxters win in the sups .The race dinner was great and all the food was part of your entry,i must say this is a great event the whole experience will be with me forever .I finished in under 6 hours which i was happy with will be faster next year,Id like to give a special thanks to stuart rawson for all his help,jamie for the advise and board, my freinds mike ,steve,steph,taj forbeing looked after like family,My sponsors Hobie stand up paddle boards and most of all my family for the time and support to do this event.I will be back next year ,hope you enjoyed hearing about the race and the training involved ,thanks again justin    

Training for molokai 2011 my preparation......

Deciding to challenge myself and have a go at the molokai channel 
was not a hard decision after hearing the stories from mates ,it will test your endurance ,mentally and physically and your wave knowledge .The history of the channel ,stories and legend are a lure itself,you start to think well it sounds like a good time [the event,and people]so your already on the plane in your head.But its only after you get your board and start to train that you start to wonder if you will make it?And all the talk of it seems to be forgotten.I decide that im going in the stand up division and ill ride an unlimited board which is around 16,5 feet with a foot rudder and go solo.After hearing mate jamies tales of  doing it prone[laying down}i decided againest that.Which having been a nipper and followed in the surf clubs when i was a grommet too like jamie ,it could of  been easy to go prone,but i was hooked on the sup side now,so that was that. So to the training,i started about 4-5 months out from the race ,i would consider myself pretty fit so that should be enough time to prepare,i had done a paddle on maui early in January ,called the maliko run that is a fun downwinder, so i knew i could make that,but you have full wind assist on that one ,molokai can be hell on earthwith the conditions so i was being told. .Not having done any big distances i started with a few 5-10km paddles,over a few weeks ,slowly built up to 20-30km.Once at 30km i started to try and built speed,Jamie would leed off and he would be in the distance the whole time but it was great to gauge speed from watching him,the year before i had also taken my jet ski out and watched jamie and billy watson  train at the 
same distance as i was at, so that helped heaps .In between my training i was also surfing alot on smaller sups and doing a few events which kinda disrupted training a bit ,after returning from tahiti in may, june i had got cut up pretty bad on the reef and had caught staf out of the water, so i was out of the water for 3 weeks when i returned back home .
After recovering from staf i  begun training again ,and i felt great,i was doing a 30 plus km paddle every week along with suping every day this went on for another month then getting closer to the middle of june i was doing 40kms paddles it seemed to be working well ,i also had my fluids and gels worked out, the gel gives you a kick every 40 mintues or so in the paddle ,and is needed over 4-6 hour paddle ,this doesn't work for every one and trial and error is important,i was using an endura sport nutrition gel that you mix with water. I also would eat 2 protein bars whilst on a long paddle so i was happy with how it was all going ,and was preparing to start a few 50km paddles.I had done 1 52km paddle and did a good time so mentally i knew i could do it but i wanted to do a few more.
Surfing and training for a race would work well i thought kinda cross training ,but thats  kinda when i hit trouble ,i was out on my 7,11 surf sup and got hit by the rail in the ribs hard, 6weeks out from the race i had broken ribs ,i couldn't paddle for at least 3-4 weeks this was not what you want if your going solo across the channel in 14 days time , so i decided to go to Hawaii early 5 days before to stay with good Hawaiian mate steve to get ready,which meant the week before i was going  i would just rest,i had done alot of the work needed ,and i was only going to hurt myself more that week anyway.
So off to hawaii and i had not paddled in 6 weeks.To be time the race,the channel,the good times.....thanks justin      
Where i surf september 2011

Heres a little vid ,my mate rohan and i worked on recently as a starter project for future projects, just before i travelled to california,waves were 
pretty average but it was fun using the go pro ,on my new 7,11 colin mcphillips model hobie hope you like it.Thanks Rohan

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tahiti 2011 may,june

phototrip,stand up world tour event,

This was an exciting trip going to waves like these, on a short board  it is scary enough laying down, let alone looking over the edge standing up paddle board . 
8,6 9,6 torque series hobie
7,11 cm model hobie
I traveled with photographer ian borland ,who documented the trip High lights were the waves , the event ,meeting and surfing with poto such a cool guy,
As we left sydney a massive low pressure system was heading tahitis way ,so everyone was excited.As we landed the heat hits you wow,we were staying right across the road at a great little joint,boards were safe and you had access to surf anytime,i ran into poto one morning early and we hit it off,he started showing me 

the spots in the reef where to sit to get the best waves ,i love that feeling of paddling out and seeing the break for the first time and kind of being scared,its a great feeling ,then you spend time there and 2 days later your like its not so bad.Anyway felt pretty good boards were going really good ,had worked out my fin set ups ,paddles were good,ian was getting some good shots.I was having a bit of trouble with the french language or they were with me,the aussies slan.The contest started with the trials which i was in, 50 guys they take 4 thats it .surf was 4-6 feet lefts shallow reef pass ,i made it to the final ,placed  3rd ,sweet im in the main event ,surf then picked up to more like 10-12 on the biggest day and it was game on.I made it to the third round where i was beaten by payo who end up winning it, i was happy with  my results but would of liked to make semis in the big one. ,but it was a good first event for me .Made alot of new mates and had a great time the tahitian people were lovely and i thank them for giving up there famous surf spot for a few days.Big thanks go out hobie again for there support and good faith in me Gordon and steve at hobiecat australia,ian borland is also the sales rep in the queensland area for hobie, if you,d like to try a board some time contact ian ,thanks for your time to mate ,you could catch him at []
Ill have more on tahiti later on ,with some short interviews and more storys on tahiti.
thanks justin

May 2011 indo photo trip 

After chatting with neil[]at the kingscliff
event the there was talk of doing a trip to indo with afew other aussies for the stand up journal,hobie was good enough to supply
gear,boards,and the airticket to get me there,beau nixon another aussie turned up as well.I took an 8,11,9,4,9,10 cm range HOBIEs,rode the 8,11 and 9,4 the most ,the 8,11 was my fav of the trip .
we scored fun waves most the time near chungoo,then later some 6-8 footers in another spot ,we were grateful to stay with another aussie guy now living over there with his family chris mchutchison,he looked after us really well,had a great time look out for more photos on this trip soon.Thanks to neil for the invite.cheers for photos mate  
Feb,mar,april 2011

After the epic trip to hawaii ,it was home and a couple comps in australia ,stand up paddle boards ,first was the noosa qld event where the waves were small but we made do ,jackson close came away with the win ,i ended up 4th but was happy with my first sup event,next was the malfunction at kingscliff in nsw.The waves were around 3 feet a bit bigger than noosa ,had a great time came away with first so was pretty stoked got one back on jackson .Im really enjoying the challenge of surfing the stand ups ,its like  now both sides of my brain are working at the same time .It a healthly sport that im finding really fun. Thanks to neil armstrong []for this liite session we snuck in whilest he was in australia .justin

the 20th

we had had problems with the jet ski and jamie and bill were looking worried about even getting out there,the call was made for me to get to a common launch spot and get out there anyway i could and they would meet me at the red bull boat,so 5.30am in the morning im on the road head to a boat ramp in a direct i had never been ,talk about a needle in hay stack,then had to get out there.

well i got there i rolled into the spot out of gas,2 hawaii life guards gave me a lift on the back of a sled ontop of 3 tow boards .The carpark is 20mintues away from peahi by water ,that was an extreme experience they dropped me at the boat,and i waited 2hours went by maybe 3 ,and still the boys were no where to be seen,i  had been ask i wanted to get a couple ,id watch the spot for 3 hours and i got say was starting to watch bad wipeouts ,i needed to get in the water....i jumped in and towed out with pato a brazilian charger.My first wave he yells something and im like what did he say i let go but decided to pull off right in the zone .i turned around to see a big set bearing down Pato came in and picked me up,i said did you say go ,or no.I said NOOOOOOO ,the wave was closing out, good call he said.Wow i thought ,that would of been a great start.My next wave was great i dropped down bottom turned, it was an amazing feeling ,the power ,the speed and the size of this wave ,i got 5-6 great rights and lefts ,it was around the 18=20 foot size ,a great day to get a feel for the place .The boys showed up and grabbed a couple as well ,its was everything i thought it would be ,thanks to the boys for the invite ,and i hope to get another go again soon. thanks justin


I quickly hung up and called home ,my partner shelly was like what you want to go now ,,,,it was to late to book online so into flight centre and pay for a ticket it was touch and go ,but shell handled it so well it came down to 15 mintues to make it to the airport and i had nt packed , a back pack ,a quick board pick up and gone.I made the domestic flight by 3 mintues landed in sydney and made the check in by about 5 mintues it was all coming together.I meet billy in the airport and we were buzzing ,we didnt sleep the entire flight over, jamie picked us up and we made our way to the north shore of oahu to grab some gear ,the next flight 
would be in the afternoon to maui.We landed in maui myself and billy were still pumped and frothing ,well i was ,martin lenny,father of world stand up champion kai was there to pick us up ,and jamie had arranged for us to stay with them, which was great.Time to relax right,,wrong jet skis ,boards ,straps,grip,ropes,we all had new boards and all were not ready,so in the car and off to dave kalama,s house to use his tool shed and 
gear our boards up,jamie and billy had new gerry lopez tow boards that looked great ,i had mate nick blairs new 5,10 he had made me for peahi.It was now about 7.30pm me and billy had not slept for a day and a half and we still had to look at the jet ski.By about 12.00pm we got to sleep and the morning was only hours away,it was hard to sleep.I woke at 5.00am i was nervous and there was tension in the air ,as you could feel the electricity in the air it was real be continued ........the 20th .......        

January 20th 2011 peahi [jaws] 

Well it all started with a call from a mate ,[billy watson]we had been watching a swell that was on course for maui hawaii, jamie mitchell was already over there on stand by for the big wave event the eddie memorial surf contest.So he had been saying that maui was looking good but it was still 7 days out from the expected swell .With 3 days to go we decided to pull the pin and not go ,it was to be my first time over there and i would go if asked by jamie and billy .i was a bit low after deciding that this was not the swell for me   , and had gone about my business as a builder the next day , im sure we will see the footage on you tube the next day or two.
It was about 11.20am tuesday the 18th of january ,the phone rings ,im actually tring to answer as im loading timber at the harware store,its billy'hey mate ,'i said 'justo im going right now 'said billy 'right now im in sydney ,right now you need to get on a plane that leaves the gold coast in 1.5 hours to be able to connect with my flight at 3.00pm to hawaii to be able to make the swell in maui on the 20th ......'thats how simple it is .......its going to be big ,really big so its up to you ,but if you want to come the green lights are all go....
All the talk in the world before moments like this, point to you not  hesitate and you go ,but when the really hits home that its going to be large surf a million miles from home  ,you need to think clearly and quickly .
my whole life i have wanted to test my surfing at this spot years ago and many trips to hawaii in december to surf had boiled down to this be continued..........
Hi guys , well this is the first entry in my new blog spot , im going to back date my year so far , and bring it up to present day pretty quick , had some pretty fun adventures and stories to tell this year in and out of the water . I will also hope to post some interesting topics.
Hope you enjoy ,