Thursday, 27 October 2011

May 2011 indo photo trip 

After chatting with neil[]at the kingscliff
event the there was talk of doing a trip to indo with afew other aussies for the stand up journal,hobie was good enough to supply
gear,boards,and the airticket to get me there,beau nixon another aussie turned up as well.I took an 8,11,9,4,9,10 cm range HOBIEs,rode the 8,11 and 9,4 the most ,the 8,11 was my fav of the trip .
we scored fun waves most the time near chungoo,then later some 6-8 footers in another spot ,we were grateful to stay with another aussie guy now living over there with his family chris mchutchison,he looked after us really well,had a great time look out for more photos on this trip soon.Thanks to neil for the invite.cheers for photos mate  

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