Thursday, 27 October 2011


I quickly hung up and called home ,my partner shelly was like what you want to go now ,,,,it was to late to book online so into flight centre and pay for a ticket it was touch and go ,but shell handled it so well it came down to 15 mintues to make it to the airport and i had nt packed , a back pack ,a quick board pick up and gone.I made the domestic flight by 3 mintues landed in sydney and made the check in by about 5 mintues it was all coming together.I meet billy in the airport and we were buzzing ,we didnt sleep the entire flight over, jamie picked us up and we made our way to the north shore of oahu to grab some gear ,the next flight 
would be in the afternoon to maui.We landed in maui myself and billy were still pumped and frothing ,well i was ,martin lenny,father of world stand up champion kai was there to pick us up ,and jamie had arranged for us to stay with them, which was great.Time to relax right,,wrong jet skis ,boards ,straps,grip,ropes,we all had new boards and all were not ready,so in the car and off to dave kalama,s house to use his tool shed and 
gear our boards up,jamie and billy had new gerry lopez tow boards that looked great ,i had mate nick blairs new 5,10 he had made me for peahi.It was now about 7.30pm me and billy had not slept for a day and a half and we still had to look at the jet ski.By about 12.00pm we got to sleep and the morning was only hours away,it was hard to sleep.I woke at 5.00am i was nervous and there was tension in the air ,as you could feel the electricity in the air it was real be continued ........the 20th .......        

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