Sunday, 30 October 2011

Things i come across..............
I was given this drink mix whilest overseas earlier this year and i was  given the chance to  test out its performance after some long paddles ,surfing contests all day or just being active as alot of us are , and see whether i thought it helped. Doing long period workouts such as a 15-20km downwinder or paddle on a sup can really take alot out of you and when you push your body to extremes you need to put back salts,acids,proteins and minerals quickly that your body loses . This drink  aids in a quick recovery of that . So up until till i came across this i was using another type bran that i wasn't 100% happy with after the molokai channel race this year . So what i liked about this mix, is what it doesnt have ,in which alot of  other
drinks do, such as over sugared and caffeinated.HDX is Gluten free, diabetic freindly.Ive started using HDX after long surfs,paddles or even a hard day at work and have felt pretty good after ,so does it aid recovery, well it has been for me and my type of active lifestyle being in and out of the water,and always in the sun . Its  flavour is grape/berry i found the taste good and easy to take ,its made in the usa .And if your looking for a drink to speed up your recovery after some hard work in or out of the ocean check it out .
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Things i come across...........take it or leave it.......
Add to 16oz or 500ml of H2O

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