Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tahiti 2011 may,june

phototrip,stand up world tour event,

This was an exciting trip going to waves like these, on a short board  it is scary enough laying down, let alone looking over the edge standing up paddle board . 
8,6 9,6 torque series hobie
7,11 cm model hobie
I traveled with photographer ian borland ,who documented the trip High lights were the waves , the event ,meeting and surfing with poto such a cool guy,
As we left sydney a massive low pressure system was heading tahitis way ,so everyone was excited.As we landed the heat hits you wow,we were staying right across the road at a great little joint,boards were safe and you had access to surf anytime,i ran into poto one morning early and we hit it off,he started showing me 

the spots in the reef where to sit to get the best waves ,i love that feeling of paddling out and seeing the break for the first time and kind of being scared,its a great feeling ,then you spend time there and 2 days later your like its not so bad.Anyway felt pretty good boards were going really good ,had worked out my fin set ups ,paddles were good,ian was getting some good shots.I was having a bit of trouble with the french language or they were with me,the aussies slan.The contest started with the trials which i was in, 50 guys they take 4 thats it .surf was 4-6 feet lefts shallow reef pass ,i made it to the final ,placed  3rd ,sweet im in the main event ,surf then picked up to more like 10-12 on the biggest day and it was game on.I made it to the third round where i was beaten by payo who end up winning it, i was happy with  my results but would of liked to make semis in the big one. ,but it was a good first event for me .Made alot of new mates and had a great time the tahitian people were lovely and i thank them for giving up there famous surf spot for a few days.Big thanks go out hobie again for there support and good faith in me Gordon and steve at hobiecat australia,ian borland is also the sales rep in the queensland area for hobie, if you,d like to try a board some time contact ian ,thanks for your time to mate ,you could catch him at []
Ill have more on tahiti later on ,with some short interviews and more storys on tahiti.
thanks justin

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