Thursday, 27 October 2011


January 20th 2011 peahi [jaws] 

Well it all started with a call from a mate ,[billy watson]we had been watching a swell that was on course for maui hawaii, jamie mitchell was already over there on stand by for the big wave event the eddie memorial surf contest.So he had been saying that maui was looking good but it was still 7 days out from the expected swell .With 3 days to go we decided to pull the pin and not go ,it was to be my first time over there and i would go if asked by jamie and billy .i was a bit low after deciding that this was not the swell for me   , and had gone about my business as a builder the next day , im sure we will see the footage on you tube the next day or two.
It was about 11.20am tuesday the 18th of january ,the phone rings ,im actually tring to answer as im loading timber at the harware store,its billy'hey mate ,'i said 'justo im going right now 'said billy 'right now im in sydney ,right now you need to get on a plane that leaves the gold coast in 1.5 hours to be able to connect with my flight at 3.00pm to hawaii to be able to make the swell in maui on the 20th ......'thats how simple it is .......its going to be big ,really big so its up to you ,but if you want to come the green lights are all go....
All the talk in the world before moments like this, point to you not  hesitate and you go ,but when the really hits home that its going to be large surf a million miles from home  ,you need to think clearly and quickly .
my whole life i have wanted to test my surfing at this spot years ago and many trips to hawaii in december to surf had boiled down to this be continued..........

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