Thursday, 27 October 2011


the 20th

we had had problems with the jet ski and jamie and bill were looking worried about even getting out there,the call was made for me to get to a common launch spot and get out there anyway i could and they would meet me at the red bull boat,so 5.30am in the morning im on the road head to a boat ramp in a direct i had never been ,talk about a needle in hay stack,then had to get out there.

well i got there i rolled into the spot out of gas,2 hawaii life guards gave me a lift on the back of a sled ontop of 3 tow boards .The carpark is 20mintues away from peahi by water ,that was an extreme experience they dropped me at the boat,and i waited 2hours went by maybe 3 ,and still the boys were no where to be seen,i  had been ask i wanted to get a couple ,id watch the spot for 3 hours and i got say was starting to watch bad wipeouts ,i needed to get in the water....i jumped in and towed out with pato a brazilian charger.My first wave he yells something and im like what did he say i let go but decided to pull off right in the zone .i turned around to see a big set bearing down Pato came in and picked me up,i said did you say go ,or no.I said NOOOOOOO ,the wave was closing out, good call he said.Wow i thought ,that would of been a great start.My next wave was great i dropped down bottom turned, it was an amazing feeling ,the power ,the speed and the size of this wave ,i got 5-6 great rights and lefts ,it was around the 18=20 foot size ,a great day to get a feel for the place .The boys showed up and grabbed a couple as well ,its was everything i thought it would be ,thanks to the boys for the invite ,and i hope to get another go again soon. thanks justin

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