Friday, 28 October 2011

The Race [ molokai to oahu  2011

After arriving in hawaii meeting my good mates ,i actually went surfing a bit just to relax, my 16.5 foot board had arrived all good ,i had meet with my boat escort guys and things were sweet,i was ready.You know ,if you have never been to hawaii you really should put it on your list to get to, as a grommet i dreamt of surfing there on the north shore and the palm trees hawaiian foke and the aloha, and i have now a few seasons in december when the big waves roll in ,but every time i go it just gets better and better there is something there for everyone and the history is so interesting, i have alot of freinds,good freinds that share the aloha spirit,having been to most of the island chain ,molokai is one that i had not.Lush and barren the beauty was a contrast,but when you look back to oahu you soon think wow if i make this ill be stoked,it makes jamie mitchells 10 titles in a row that much more amazing!!!!!!!
This year mates steve and mike were great they looked after me so well,like family,i had the honour of being in hawaii as freinds mike and steph welcomed little taj into the world,the day before the race taj was born.Once on molokai myself and mate nick checked into the resort accomodation right at the start line .The saturday before the race on sunday, was a relaxing day one of a few nerves as well.I had all my drinks,gels,bars and water ready early my board was sweet and paddle still was in one piece.
The event had a breifing and dinner that night that was epic and then it was lights out,well i watched a bit of pay tv.
wow woke up at 5.00am and started to eat a fair breakfast making sure it all goes down well before the 8.00am start.After tring to spot your escort boat that you have only seen once is not that easy as there is alot of boats and they all look the same ,i did find it finally ,ok well all there was to do was start the race ,bang!!!!!!!were off .
The pace was pretty quick for 20 mintues then we all kinda got into a rhythem .the conditions were good tide was going out for a few hours then it would push us home and the wind was behind us as well,some of the runs were great my board was going great,i felt really good i was aware of not going to hard as my ribs were  still sore and i did want to finish the race at least.In training i would drink about 2.5 litres of water over 30 to 40kms so it was a real surprise to only drink 1.5 litres over the 32 miles.
I was surfing the runs right all the way till midway , then i started to look for the right markers on the island of oahu.
By the back half i was too far north and had to make a 90degree turn to surf my way back on course ,i reckon i lost 30-40 mintues
heading too far north but thats life and it a different story when your out there.By the last 1 mile i was in great sprirts and was stoked to see the line .What a great race all kinds of people,everyone smiles,and all encourage you as they go by .

I was really stoked to see jamie take the win in a record time and amazed at young Connor baxters win in the sups .The race dinner was great and all the food was part of your entry,i must say this is a great event the whole experience will be with me forever .I finished in under 6 hours which i was happy with will be faster next year,Id like to give a special thanks to stuart rawson for all his help,jamie for the advise and board, my freinds mike ,steve,steph,taj forbeing looked after like family,My sponsors Hobie stand up paddle boards and most of all my family for the time and support to do this event.I will be back next year ,hope you enjoyed hearing about the race and the training involved ,thanks again justin    

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