Thursday, 10 October 2013

Round house cut back on a sup .....over rotating ,what not to do

Hi Guys well .....with summer hitting Australia i thought it a great time to post some shots a mate took of me on my new 2014 7'4 carbon pro starboard  ,and this particular piece the round house cut back ...........step 1 bottom turn , really important to bend the knees compress and lean to engage the rail also at this stage look where i want to go....
 Step 2 rails engaged i have transferred the paddle to my left and still looking where im going starting to think about transferring weigh to the opposite sit and my inside rail...

 step 3 my board is now flat im half way to transferring my weigh to the inside rail paddle is ready to plant in the wave and pivot me around ....
step 4 .........board is starting to transferr to the inside rail with my weight ...note stance is strong and low ........i do not want to go out on the face to much as i will lose all speed ....note speed is key

 step 5....paddle engaging and my head is turning ready to start my journey back to the white water...
 Step 6.........paddle has touched down ,rails engaged ,weight has transferred  and im locked in to bring it round not compressed stance and low....
 Step 7.........more of the same as 6 , paddle is now being fully leant on and used as an ancor ....

 Step 8 this baby round to foam town and the power source ...rail and paddle fully engaged ...head turned body is following behind .....
 step 9 low stance is making it possible to drive harder and paddle is fully under helping to bring me round .....still in the power pocket

 Step 10 favourite part of this turn fully set ..carving ...rail solidly set ...time to open body up .....

step this stage im getting a little to excited and note im applying to much pressure ...and really should be lower down the wave or pulling out of the turn now ......but....

step 12 ...over rotating recovery 
Step 13 ...the correct way you can see im now coming off rail and flat looking at the foam ready to pivot my board up onto the foam ....
 Step 14 .......climbing the foam making sure the nose of my board is above the foam im leaning back to  bring it back around note my head now looking for an exit ...

step 15.....pivot turn in progress back to a solid , low stance and ready to ride out ... 
exit complete .....round house cut back paddle throw to your inside .....hope this maybe of use to someone out there its pretty fun when you pull them off and the speed out of the turn sets you up for the next turn .... "reo in the pocket " next week here ....on the blog ...till next time ...get out there ... 

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