Tuesday, 13 December 2011

crazy few weeks

Wow where did the year go , this last month for me has flown right by and now its the middle of december 
and im thinking wooooo here comes 2012 , this time of year is exciting in oz because of the chance of 
a cyclone swell .Anyway last month it started with the merimbula event down the south east coast of Austaralia and 4 days of surfing ,then home work for a few days then bang it was the sunstate hobie demo 
day at kingscliff which was great then another week at work ,then straight to coffs harbour my old stomping ground for some sup surfing , short boarding and finally the 25 km paddle from hell " downwinder" or as i called it just "Down" it was really tough , this week end was looking clear , but with a small 2m south swell kirra boardriders is holding there final monthly comp and well you can't miss these with a bit of swell , so to round out 2011 as usually its 100 mile an hour for us here in the holland house ,
Media Bob and jason surf check merimbula

My favourite board HOBIE 7'11 

surf check coffs harbour me and charlie 
id have it no other way ,anyway till next time remember being in the water is better than not .....so enjoy it , its great .......cheers justin  

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