Wednesday, 7 December 2011

merimbula event 2011

On the road again but this time i had me little mate charlie , my 8 year old son , he's a keen little surfer and sup er now ,so get out school pass and away we go .It started we left the gold coast and headed to Sydney where we were meet at picked up by mel , we then drove down to the south coast where we stayed the night at mel and jasons mcmanus such good people.Next morning up early to check out out jervais bay and the Australian Head Quarters which was great where we were meet by steve and gordon ,it was great to see ,the hugh operation they have going on down there, wow what a great company to be
associated and supported with.
From there we loaded up the HOBIE van said our goodbyes and we were off to Merimbula, this part off the trip was unreal the east coast of Australia is really beautiful and at this time of year every thing was green and lush .Our tour guide for this leg of the trip was Mr Jason "feelgood"McManus ,he was great giving history lessons to me and charlie .
Merimbula ,wow what a place , so beautiful it was great , we checked in to our spot where we were staying thanks to HOBIE and it was nice right next to the beach and event site .
Setting up the HOBIE van and site was fun with media bob [media guy for hobie] Gordon[ hobie sup]
mel and jason and little charlie.
The event is all about fun ,and boy it was fun crikey the hobie set up was a buzz with interested people
and general buzz of the event , we had some small waves ,i got a down winder in on a hobie elite 14 bcx
which was great , and few sessions at pambula river mouth , every one was really nice , but after 4 days
,my and the little man were worn out , i would recommend this event to anyone keen to have a good time and meet new people, i would like thank HOBIE SUP for helping me out to get down there and jason and mel for a great effort all round,Gordon and Bob from Hobie and steve ,
thanks again to merimbula for having us and will see you next year.....

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