Friday, 20 April 2012

New Sponsorship support .....frothing .....

Hi Guys ,well I'm stoked to announce that I'm now representing 2 new sponsors .Quiksilver Watermans collection  and Kona Red [Hawaiian super fruit  antioxidant juice].
Im really excited about going forward with both companies , quicksilver has a reputation for being the "surfers" brand and with its surfers such as Tom Carroll , Kelly Slater , Steph Gilmore and Jamie Mitchell just to name a few , so I'm really stoked to have the opportunity to represent and build a relationship with them.
Kona Red is a drink i came across  whilst in Hawaii last year and a mate of mine put me onto it , i love it .
Check out the link by clicking the logo on the blog to see more info on my favourite drink....Im stoked with Kona reds support ,thanks guys .
Im off to France next week for 10 days to compete in the stand up world tour , really excited as i have never been to france and it should be great .
I have just started a small radio spot every friday on an internet radio through the USA  supported by Hobie sup called 'radio chum' you can go to the web site and go to the links to down load the player , it plays all types of music but has all kinds of stuff such as my small spot called 'froth fridays ' pretty much me talking about whats new in stand up paddle boarding in Australia and whats happening in my backyard .....check it out , you may get a laugh .....
Got a new sup RAW board 8'4 coming soon that i ll pick up in France thanks to Hobie ,and colin mcphillips for getting it to me I'm frothing for that ......thanks HOBIE and all the team.
In my next post i will give you all a taste of my french adventures ......till then get out there ...justin

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