Monday, 7 May 2012

France 2012 
The trip begin ,with 10 degree temps in and out of the water which was a shock to the system as i had left ,24-26 degree temps in the water.
Paris was rainy and cold , the conditions didn't get any better for days .
just one of the amazing churches we saw.
The contest started in 1-2 foot rainy ,windy waves .....and ran the next day in full and was finished in the 2 day of a 7 day waiting period which was frustrating as a competitor .I finished 9th in the quarter finals .....My team mate colin mcmphillips had a good result with a 3rd place ......and taking the win was Antino delpero .......well done guys ......stop 2 of the world tour done sitting in 10th .It was amazing to see how the war touched everywhere ,the german forces were there waiting on the beach for the english,american and aussies ,and just how bad the weather was made me think of the men who lay in trenches in the cold wet mud waiting for hours would of truly been hell.....
war effected beach .gun bunker.
a castle walls out side .
after the contest we decided to see the sights and cruise around .....the brittany area is all country style with fields of yellow flowers ,stand walls, small stone houses and gothic churches every where ......the weather came good for a couple days ,where the sun shone which was great ......but as far as surfing this area , commitment is one word that comes to mind .........the surf went flat for the entire trip so ....we had time to see a lot of stuff , all the local french people were great and very friendly .The food was great crepes the order of the day ,but it was far more economical buy bulk food at the super market ..... 
coffee and crepes go hand in hand in france 
I would like to thank Greg Closier and his wife celine for looking after me whilst in france and jp from Hobie Europe ,also bob a french photographer and jour no .......Thanks also to quicksilver ,kona red ,hobie sup for great boards  and of course my family and wife shelly for there support stop home and then tahiti .....
free surf la torch france 
till then  .......keep frothing ......justin........

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