Wednesday, 19 December 2012

brazil .........2012 trip

me and zane ready to start the adventure to brazil
Pack your bags ,its off to brazil and the town of ubatuba around 5 hour bus ride from sao paulo for the next stop of the stand up world tour . The city of Sao paulo has around 20 million people living in it ....around the population of Australia , so it was amazing to see. 15 mintues away was the a town set in the jungle named itamabuca this was where the event was be hosted and a small creek flowed out the corner of a small headland covered in jungle and  was awesome .We stayed on the beach in a brand new 10 room house that was really homey .Everyone we meet ,was such nice people willing to help in anyway they could .
screen grab form matty 7,4 starboard
the town that hosted the world stand up tour
The days before the event it was around 4 feet and really fun ,we had a good run with waves ,and the weather started to clear and the sun came out .
The event site was impressive
The food in brazil was not as cheap as we thought but was certainly great and we all stayed health thanks to great new friends Aline and her family that are locals and know the good spots , they surf and sup , they really looked after all the starboard team and other surfers with us...thanks guys ...I was traveling pretty light with a quiksilver back pack and 2 stand ups in a single cover, with was handy ,traveling by bus is easy and lets you see the sites and not worry about anything.
amazing food 

more locals in the brazilian rainforest
With the event underway the stand up world tour had the live web cast cranking and with 30,000 people tuning in. we had it on in the house , which was cool we could see scores and then go outside to the beach and surf our heats ...
webcast was a real hit ....
I ended up coming away with a 5th and just came up short to make the semi final on fire mo frietias was the winner and leco salazar 2nd .Overall the people in brazil are wonderful and every person i came across were really nice we all had a great time and should thank the event organisers for a great event .South America is one of the fastest grow nations in the world and with such a large population soccer ,basketball , and surfing are big sports , the country is developing fast and the city was packed and crazy ...a real experience ,not speaking portuguis or spanish was hard at times but generally it was fine .Being such a big country we only seen a small part but it was a great experience and cannot wait to go back . Next blog i will put many more photos up so you can check out the awesome sites .......

Thanks again check the next blog soon .......wi fi  possible on the road blogs ...cheers justin

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