Sunday, 21 October 2012

sup super tips i live by .......

Sup super tips i live by ........

Hi guys and girls with summer coming up in Australia kids have been starting up the froth meter and getting back out there on the sup and short boards .....and it got me thinking about the few things i have been teaching them about the basics of surfing and suping in general.

Always check the surf and  conditions for the correct board your going to ride ......make a good choice .....where to surf......never surf alone .

Whether your on a shortboard ,longboard ,sup , i think its important   to bend your knees and get low , so you are like a coil spring ready to un leash that energy , this will help with balance when you get hit by the foam or as you try to go around the breaking part of the wave im at speed hanging on and getting low .....

Getting low can help greatly in those high speed foamy sections....
Use the paddle as a balance weapon as can get really great bottom turns on your sup with the paddle at full extention .....really lean into it.......Theres alot to gain here..
Notice a good paddle made of carbon still bends under the pressure

take your dog to check the waves
he probably needs a run.....ha ha
EAT healthy key to strength and power
A solid stance and body language  is everything , as this shot of laird shows.................epic body language ,stance.  And be aware of where you want to go on the wave ...and point yourself in the correct direction ....notice where im looking in this shot down the line to the section of the wave i want to attack .....also laird is ready for the next section ....jaws inside bowl and ...he's set to tackle it ....focus , body language .
looking forward at the section , or part of the wave i want to be going to ....ready for action

Here im right up the front of my 7,4 starboard chasing a small wave down ,its good to move your feet around ..
.Never be afraid to explore your board, there big enough, walk around feel them out theres lots to learn about every board , you just have to find its sweet spot, and unlock the magic.

Once you have taken the drop  and got around the section and bottom turned with bent knees use of the paddle to increase balance and your ready to attack the next section .....get your thoughts back to the use of the paddle..... and one turn i love ......the drop wallet , through of the paddle behind your back .
By using it as a lever you can do a great round house and whip the board round as far as you want ,
by holding it in the wave long enough and turning your body back to the breaking part of the wave ..
the bigger sups will follow your lead .....but speed is a must .....without it you will stop .....
NEXT BLOG .........will explore the need for speed and how to generate it on the sup ....and remember
using the paddle behind me to bring the board back into a round house 
always have fun ,eat health, and focus on one thing at a time and anything is possible ......till next time hope you enjoyed .....keep frothing ......justin

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