Friday, 27 January 2012

Count down to Hawaii/sunset Pro 1st stop stand up world tour ........

Me ,rustyand my new quiver
Well what a wet january in Australia it has been and ive been working hard to get ready for the first event 
on the stand up world tour in Hawaii that starts on the 5th of febuary at sunset beach . The last 2 years they have had large waves for this event and some awesome waves have been ridden.There looks like they will get a good size swell over there this week , so fingers crossed for the event ,we have some waves .
Would like to thank hobie sup for some great new boards that have been made for hawaii and my new product 7,11 and 8,4 , that im taking to peru after the sunset event there spot on .Anyway ill keep a regular 
update of conditions and going ons in my next month of traveling and competeing , you can also follow the
sunset event at or  the 
Till  next time ....go the Aussies over seas ......cheers justin 

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