Sunday, 22 January 2012

Little Brother of the quiver caddy.......

Things i come across ...........I ran into Mark the inventor of  Quiver Caddy  board carring solutions a while back and he showed me his latest addition to the family "Little Brother" .
This little fellow works a treat , i pop it on the back of my Hobie torque 8,6 sup it was that easy   ,it has a handle to pull it along .I live on a hill just near the beach so i found myself jogging down and back with easy useing the Little Brother ,it takes all of 2 mintues to set up and your away .Check it out Little Brother of  Quiver Caddy  .................Things i come across..........till next time........why walk when you can run.....
Little Brother gets you anywhere with ease

Small little unit pulls apart you can through it your board bag and travel i guess.

Check it out Quiver Caddy as well for more board carring solutions .
cheers justin 

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