Thursday, 5 January 2012

Friends,shoes , peahi {jaws] and sup


Tahiti last year
If your around a computer today , you may of seen some of the great images that have come out of Hawaii in particular Maui ,peahi .It looked like alot of crew were paddling in ,or trying to , the images were amazing and it makes you think wow , 5 years ago trying  paddle into peahi was not possible?. It made me think like what it takes to get there .I was lucky enough to get a session in over there this time last year after my freinds Jamie Mitchell and James Billy Watson ga
ve me a green light to travel over and catch a couple with them. Without straying from the story too much it was an amazing experience and one i look forward to being able to do again in the future  . Without good friends i would never have got to get a couple , this made me think about all the little things that you go through to travel to  a place like Maui from Australia and you know the one thing that came to mind my shoes ,man a bad pair of shoes on a long air trip are murder,but boy check out my new secret weapon to that . They are a pair of ocean minded shoes i grabbed in california this year ,by far the most comfortable shoe i have ever worn,better than my sanuks i swear , check them out really worth the effort.The latest shots of peahi i didnt see too many sups trying the paddle in  because of the wind ,but im sure the boys had them there ready , Kai Lenny had a dig last year,  anyway the years off to a flying start and im loveing it , happy travels and wave hunting till next time a sup  in 1 foot beachy is better than not getting wet at all.
cheers justin

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