Friday, 10 February 2012

10th of feb 2012 hawaii

sunset from diamond head 
my 9,8 hobie that i tested out waimea bay yesterday
rode beautifully 
Hi guys well woke up early again 5.ooam .Got my stuff ready and headed for the north shore from 
diamond head , i ve been staying with friends ,who are taking great care of me , great company.Early surf check and meeting at sunset this morning , it was a clean 4-6 feet with a trade wind already up and blowing ,surfed for 2 hours and was great , but they did call the contest off again today waiting for the good conditions predicted for sunday ,monday.
The waves have been around you just need to look ,there has been no shortage of swell thats for sure , i have been driving round this island searching for surf
in spots to hide from the wind and also find clean ridable waves .I had a great session out waimea bay yesterday in the morning ,not the making waimea but fun 12 feet ,some nice drops , all the guys are ripping ,and I've had some great sessions with keahi de abotiz, and dave muir, also chuck patterson , connor baxter kody kerrbox , and robin johnston.
The weather has been mostly sunny but we have had some rain , kai lenny the current world champion is looking solid as always , but the competiton is stiff and the next few days will sort the men from the boys.
well until next time I'm grabbing a coconut and kick back under a tree ,well when your surfed out ,itys the next best thing , I have got to say a big thanks to the stand up world tour for our guided tour of the waimea valley yesterday it was great .
tahitian banana tree in the waimea valley
brought here by ancient hawaiians 
cheers justin

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