Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hawaii 15th feb 2012

when you see these sign take note 
Well guys ,the sunset event is run and won , with epic surf in the 8- 10 feet range and was really challenging.I finished up equal 17th which was a little disappointing but ill be ready for the next event in France in early may ,there were some great performances from all surfers and the waves really turned on ,
bottom turning at solid sunset 8,11 hobie went unreal
Ive had a great time on the north shore ,meeting new people getting some epic sessions in and hang out with friends, I'm jumping over to Maui to stay with Kai Lennys family for a couple of days, really stoked to be envied by the Lennys such a nice family and always ready to surf,  Ill be  getting  ready for my next adventure which starts with a trip to L.A then onto Peru .......
the Hawaiian vibe was great
Had a little tube time on the inside bowl at sunset
Big thanks to my family at home ,my sponsors HOBIE sup Australia and USA for all there great support and work on my equipment , I've had a great time , and still have to pinch myself sometimes to believe that I'm still loving my surfing and have the stoke that I've always had since my first surfs ,to be in the ocean as much as possible is a dream ,thanks again to all my friends for there great support it is really appreciated ......stay tuned till next next 
banana smoothy's rock ,......go make your self one .....cheers justin
Bonga Perkins 1st 
Kai Lenny 2nd
Ikakia Kalama 3rd
Peyo 4th 

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  1. Hey there, It was so nice to meet you, you made my flight from Oahu to Maui totally easy.... Thank you for sharing all your love for surfing, it was great to listened how much you enjoy this beautiful sport.... be safe and hope to see you again on Maui...

    Sole A. Archer