Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The first edition of "FROTH TALES " from peru feb 2012

water shot from one of the heats .
Well as I'm writing this piece i have just got back to Hawaii for a few days before heading home .
I have been in Peru ,Lima for around 7 days . I was there for the ISA world stand up paddle board and paddle board titles ,with 7 other Australians representing Australia.We came away with the overall win and we all performed great , i finished 2nd in the stand up surfing mens , which was great .The event was really well run and was a great effort ,by all invovled .
the buildings in the main city of Miraflores were amazing

These small shops are everywhere with all sorts of things in them
local corn nuts and traditional wine before the meal
old school buses run packed to the brim are everywhere.
We stayed in a hotel around 3 km from the beach and event , i was interested to here that there is around 10 million people that live in lima .Afternoons were quite but by 5.00pm till late the place would crank up , and the city would come alive.We would have early mornings up at 6.00am and gone by 6.30am and not return from the days events till around 6.00pm so every night after dinner it would be 10.00 or 11.00pm before we got to bed , but i look back now and think well we made the most of it.The food was great and there local dishes were beautiful , we eat at  a different place every night to experience as much as we could .I was surprised at how modern Mira flores was but it is a wealthy area and it was described as a classy bali /indo if that makes sense ,but i thought it was really nice .We did venture an hour and a half away towards puter hermosa and the conditions of living rapidly fell away , the land scape really turn dry and large sandy hills with small houses stacked on top of each other appeared everywhere.It was an epic trip to much to tell all now i'll continue more in my next blog stay tuned for more on peru ...till next time..........i love Australia .........justin

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